Rock Music Recommendations


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Rock Music Recommendations

I’m a huge Rock fan first and foremost (any style of Rock – it all feels good – I have listened to so many albums it isn’t funny). I’m also a part-time musician and I’ve been playing in loads of Rock bands over the last 20 years (not always successfully but sometimes…you can check me out here and judge for yourself – be kind :-) )

Lots of friends (and friends of friends) seem to be interested in my opinion and often ask for my recommendations (they tell me that I know what I’m talking about apparently) so I thought I’d get it all down here on this website.

This is your one stop shop for my album recommendations, band reviews, clothes, gig recommendations, general information and resources (like ‘how to play guitar’). In other words all the things I love about Music.

“Rock is so much fun. That’s what its all about. Filling up the chest cavities and empty kneecaps and elbows” Jimi Hendrix

I love that quote! – it sums up everything I think about Music – It can be intense, serious, fun, heartwarming, heartbreaking …so many different emotions and there is a song for every moment.

So keep rocking and be part of this website. Share your ideas.. don’t be shy to contact us if you have any ideas or comments you’d like to share.